Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Surprise Package Full Of Love!

Let all you do be done in LOVE.  I Cor. 16:14

Recently my husband and I have been burdened for individuals that we care for and taking time to pray for their difficulties. It wasn't within our control to be able to do anything but we can always pray. We are grateful to those who share their hearts because they do not want to bear their burdens alone even if all we can do is listen and pray.

This was a particularly difficult week and in the midst of it we received a surprise package. Our niece Theresa had sent a box full of gifts for us from Delaware. Our hearts were overwhelmed because we were not expecting it and it was so nice to know that someone had us on their heart. God knew we needed to be shown love that particular day and he used her to bring us joy!

My husband received clothes which are always his favorite and I received a beautiful piece of artwork that she had done herself. I had chills when I opened up the framed flower she had put together because she inspires me with her beautiful work. I put it somewhere I can see every day as a reminder that God is faithful to show us His love through others. It was the encouragement we needed and we are grateful!