Sunday, October 21, 2018

Samuel's Sons

This week I am reading the book of I Samuel which tells a story of a grateful mother who gave her son to God when he was very young. He grew up to be a prophet and leader for the people of Israel. Unfortunately, her grandsons did not grow up to be anything like their father according to I Samuel 8:3 But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice. Samuels sons did not walk the walk that their father had set as an example of being a servant for God. How disheartening it is to raise children in church and watch them turn away from what they have learned and go against their faith in God. Then I see children who come from a home that showed no glimpse of God and grow up to be Pastors and leaders of the church. 

We learn from what we see in this story as well as the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden where everything was perfect and they had the perfect Father ~ every child has a free will to do what they choose. As parents, we are not so powerful in what we do or don't do that guarantee our children will turn out perfectly. We are all broken living in a broken world so if anything good comes from our children, it is God's goodness and grace. 

Satan uses our children as a tool to beat us down and convince us how much we have failed in all that we do. We will fail that is a given but God can restore and we can only place them in His care. There are so many parents I know my age that I am praying for because of their children right now. Seems to be a similar epidemic of pain in our society. We are all trusting God always for our children and grandchildren.

This is a picture of me with my "grand~girls" taken at church October 5, 2014.