Sunday, April 17, 2022

When The Emotion Gauge Is On E

Written May 5, 2014

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart... Psalm 34:18a
My nephew Dennis had just spent time at a Cancer Treatment Hospital with his family and planned to go home and rest. He and his wife received a call that their aunt (my sister n law) was in ICU so they flew immediately down to Florida. After going in to see my sister n law on life support, Dennis wept because he had experienced so much pain around him at the Cancer Treatment Hospital and now this. He is such a joy to be around and has such a fun personality but at that moment his emotional gauge was on E. He and his wife spent time with their aunt and time with the rest of the family. Together we all were able to process our grief and bear our burdens together. Even though Dennis was empty emotionally his presence was enough to encourage us during this difficult time. I will always cherish the love these two have given to our family and grateful for their love and loyalty to each of us. We all needed to lean on each other emotionally because it was more than we could really bear alone.

Our entire family had a broken heart during this time when my sister n law was in ICU and struggling for her life. None of us were ready to let her go. I am grateful to Dennis and his wife Theresa for their love and support to my sister n law and to our entire family! 

God sends people in our life during our most difficult moments to be the hands and feet of Jesus...

This is a drawing that my sister n law's grandchild Mackenzie made to put on top of her Mimi 
when she was on life support April 2014.