Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Best Plans

Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and outside with pitch. Genesis 6:14 

God asked Noah to plan ahead by building an ark which measured over one and a half football fields long and took the best part of one hundred and twenty years to complete! I would call that a "long term plan!" Noah didn't focus on the problems and circumstances of the day but instead just reported for duty. I find that my prayers are more about the circumstances of life instead of the plan God has for my life! Satan uses circumstances to take our focus off of what we should be doing. 

Let's pray each day in spite of the circumstances about the plan God has for our life. Let's not let circumstances dictate our lives. God can overcome any and all problems and do something in us and through us that we did not know was possible. It will build our faith as we follow Him! 

As a parent, we see the endless possibilities for our children. We encourage them in their training, lessons and education to grow in areas where they are gifted. It is so easy for us to see how their dreams can be achieved even before they do because of our own knowledge and experience. God is our parent and He wants to do the same for us. We have to be eager to listen and obey! God will direct us in the same way a parent does their child. 

Let's be open and receptive to God's call on our life! Like Noah, God has called us to change the world. Take a step today to bridge the gap between your present circumstances & where you need to be.....

This picture was taken of me with my youngest daughter at Stone Mountain in 1999.