Thursday, February 1, 2024

Read About Bullying In The Bible

Cain had words with his brother. They were out in the field; Cain came at Abel his brother and killed him. Genesis 4:8

This was the first recorded bullying in history and it lead to the death of Abel. Cain wanted the favor God was giving his brother. He lost his temper and killed him. Human nature causes us to go after what we want no matter what we inflict on one another. Some times it's just the feeling of empowerment and control that will cause someone to bully another person.

Every day I hear on the news about some type of bullying. I am glad that people are more aware of the affect it has on people and especially children. It is a painful event that causes emotional and physical stress. It destroys self worth and causes you to question everything about yourself. The injury caused by a bully is a wound that can run so deep that it may take years to heal.

Unfortunately, no one can see the wound like you do from a bullet or a knife so there isn't always the support from family and friends. The thing that can hurt most is when you don't understand the psychological damage and then minimize the conflict.This ads to the injury and is not helpful in the healing process. An emotional injury does not always reveal itself right away. The victims will need to be able to be open about what they are suffering. They will need emotional support. We need to be sure they understand what they are experiencing such as post traumatic stress disorders or any type of anxiety. 

LOVE always protects! I Cor. 13:7
 This picture was taken in Palm Beach, April 10, 2008.