Monday, August 28, 2023

~When Children School Us

While raising children I wanted to fill their eager young minds with as much knowledge as I had obtained through my own years of experience. I don't really have that same mindset now when it comes to my grandkids because I wish I had taught my children more about loving and less about life. I thought I could make a difference in the life of my children but I have learned I still have so much to learn myself. 

Instead, my approach with my grandkids is more about what they can teach me. For instance, to see the excitement and joy of our visits together. Our time with tea parties where we dress up silly and wear funny hats. What I love about these innocent moments is that there is nothing expected, no judgement of others or even ourselves. 

These little ones have such hope of everything. That their dad is their prince charming. They still believe in happily ever after. They have taught me to continue to laugh, to be silly and that just sitting in a room talking together is enough. I don't have to own the latest of anything because I am their grandma. They are not embarrassed by my aging face and figure or at what I am wearing.  

My grandkids have taught me how to love & laugh; dress silly & giggle; but more importantly to spend time listening and learning from them instead of the reverse. 

 This picture was taken of a photo shoot I was commissioned to do
 which was published July 2010.