Saturday, August 13, 2022

When I Want To Give Up

III John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers.

In difficult times it is easy to find ourselves wanting to give up! Some days we feel like all of life's pain and disappointments are going to cause us to die of a broken heart and other days we wish it would. We all have those days, months and even years when the burden just seems too much to bear. 

That is when we need to ask others to pray for us because we usually don't feel like praying or don't know what to pray for and have to trust the love and loyalty of those closest to us. Heavy burdens are not meant to be carried alone and God has always provided someone in my life to help me make them bearable. My Aunt Betty is one of those people that God gave me from the beginning until today to encourage me in my darkest hour. I know she prays for me and loves me like one of her own children. She has given me unconditional love and has always been the hands and feet of Jesus in my life! My Aunt Betty gave me "hope" when I felt "hopeless" ~ 

My Aunt Betty can't be with me in every circumstance even though I know she wants to be but God can and wants me to know that I am never alone. When Jimmy had his transplant I was so full of fear and heartache that I didn't ask anyone to come along because I didn't want anyone to see me in my anguish. I prayed as they began to prep him and asked God to bring me who He thought I would need that day and a few minutes later Jimmy's brother Mark and sister Michelle came walking in to sit and wait with me during the surgery. 

They were perfect for me because they lifted my spirits up as soon as I saw them and the smiles on their faces. We went out for lunch and toured Miami because of all the hours the surgery would take up. We laughed and had such a wonderful day together. When we returned to the hospital we played hide and seek like kids and just enjoyed our time together. It was exactly what I needed and God knew it! I am eternally grateful to them both for being such a light in my darkest hour.....

God has healed my heart so many times and I am trusting Him to heal me in the future! Thank you Lord for all the precious people you have brought to me in my life to show me that you love me ~

I took this picture of me and my husband on the beach July 2012.