Friday, January 21, 2022

Joy Is Never Wrong!

 I can’t remember where I heard this but I wrote it down immediately. It was one of those days that I was feeling tremendous joy in the midst of circumstances. It’s okay to feel joy when it shows up!

I remember the first time I felt joy in the midst of something difficult. It was 1985 and my world had just exploded. I was sitting in church and a little boy I knew came over to me and had made me something because his momma told him I was sad. I don’t remember what he made but I remember him and how I felt when he handed his little gift to me. My heart filled with such joy!!!

That was amazing to me and is always amazing to me when in the midst of life’s difficulties “joy” finds its way to me. Most recently, my husband was going through chemo for about 6 months and “joy” still worked itself into my life even when I felt desperately sad. I look at that “joy” as God’s miraculous love and grace to us when we need it most!

Life isn’t perfect but God’s love for us is always perfect!