Thursday, July 20, 2023


 Donella has asked that I contribute some of my thoughts to her blog.  I want to share some things that God has impressed upon my heart through the years. ~Kay Smith 

Psalm 55:22 says that we are to cast our burdens upon the Lord, “and he shall sustain thee; “  I Peter 5:7 tells us to cast all our care (or worries) upon the Lord “for he careth for you.”

These are interesting and comforting words from the Word of God but so difficult to put into practice.  We worry and fret over small things and it isn’t necessary to even evaluate how we handle the really big problems.  

Our minds find ways to create hours of stress and worry.  If we believe what God says, we should literally rest on His promises.  If you have a prayer list, a good way to reflect on His care is a mark beside the prayers He has answered.  These are proofs that He cares and sustains us.  At least this is my way of remembering that God cares.

As one of the lines from an old song says, “in sunshine or shadow, He careth for you.”

I took this picture of a full moon over the mountains of Southern Spain from my mommas front porch.