Sunday, September 17, 2023

Genesis Chapter 18


In this chapter Abraham is 99 years old, approximately 1897 BC. God visits Abraham and Sarah in the form of a man.

Verses 1-15

The Lord and 2 men who were angels visited Abraham.

Abraham invited them to sit under a tree.

Sarah made flour cakes and Abraham had a calf to be cooked.

While the Lord and His angels ate the food, the Lord repeated His promise that He was going to give him a son.

Sarah was eavesdropping and laughed within herself when she heard because she was so old and past the age of pregnancy. 

The Lord asked why is Sarah laughing, is anything too hard for the Lord? 

Sarah denied that she had laughed because she was scared.

The Lord repeated the promise and told them they would have a son when he returned next year.

Verses 16-33

The Lord and his two angels left toward the city of Sodom.

The Lord told Abraham he would punish Sodom for its wickedness.

Abraham didn’t want the few righteous people to die so he asked God to spare Sodom if he found 50 righteous people and the Lord agreed. 

Then he changed that number to 45 and the Lord agreed and then 40. (And so on)

He finally lowered the number all the way to 10 and God agreed.

(Next week in Chapter 19 we will read the rest of this story about the city of Sodom).

Abraham and Sarah continue waiting for the promise of God.

Sometimes a promise is drawing closer when it has never seemed more impossible.

If we are waiting for God to do something in our lives like Abraham and Sarah. We need to find the promise in the Word for that circumstance and begin to speak His promise instead of speaking the circumstances.

(Remember this)

God is bigger than our doubts.

God has never faced an impossible situation.

He is the God of Miracles.