Saturday, September 2, 2023

Genesis Chapter 3

 This chapter took place before records were being made so it is called pre-history. Also, it doesn’t specifically tell us how long they lived in the Garden of Eden. 

This chapter continues to discuss, God, Adam & Eve. This is the introduction of the serpent who is described as a deceiver. 

Verses 1-7: The serpent came to Eve and asked her what rules God made about the trees. Eve explained which tree and what would happen. The serpent deceived her by telling her that wasn’t true at all but instead eating the fruit would make them more like God. Eve ate the fruit and then gave some to her husband. Immediately they felt shame for being naked.

Verses 8-13: Adam and Eve tried to hide from God in the garden. When God found them Adam blamed Eve for his disobedience. Eve blamed the serpent.

Verses 14-19: God cursed the serpent. God told the woman she would have pain in childbearing and her husband would rule over her. God told the man he would have to labor to grow his own food and eventually return to the ground in death.

Verses 20-24: God made Adam and Eve clothing from animal skins. He removed them from the Garden of Eden.

Sin causes separation from God. Adam and Eve’s relationship with God was not the same. They went from living in a garden of ease to living in a cursed world. The serpent made it sound like life would be better but it definitely wasn’t. Satan tempts us the same way today making disobedience look like fun and full of promises. Obeying God always brings blessings but disobedience brings curses to our own life.