Sunday, September 3, 2023

Genesis Chapter 4

 In this chapter we will learn about the family of Adam & Eve.

Verses 1-8: Cain, a farmer and Abel, a shepherd. They both prepared a sacrificial offering to God. Can sacrificed some of his produce and Abel sacrificed the firstborn sheep. God was not pleased with Cains offering. Cain killed Abel.

Verses 9-15: God asked Cain where his brother had gone. Cain replied, am I my brothers keeper? God knew what happened and placed a curse on Cain. The curse was that he would no longer be able to grow anything as a farmer. He instead became a fugitive and afraid that he would be killed for being a murderer but God placed a mark of protection on him.

Verses 16-26: A genealogy of the family Adam & Eve. Cain settled in the land of Nod and had a son named Enoch. Cains great great grandson is Lamech. He married 2 wives and also killed a man. Lamech had three sons: Jabal who worked with livestock. Jubal who played the lyre and pipe. Tubal-Cain who was a forger of bronze and iron. Adam and Eve had another son named Seth. People around this time began to call upon the name of the Lord. 

Sin then is the same as the sins we all struggle with today. Disobedience, jealousy, anger, etc. The Bible helps us understand that the human heart has always struggled with disobedience (sin) since the beginning. The Bible also gives us a solution to our sin problem through Jesus Christ who was a descendant of Adam and Eves son, Seth.