Friday, October 20, 2023

Genesis Chapter 25


According to this chapter verse 20, Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah (1856 BC). In verse 26 Isaac was 60 years old when Esau and Jacob were born.  (1836 BC) Also, Abraham dies in this chapter.

Verses 1-11

Abraham married a woman named Keturah and she bore him 6 sons.

Abraham’s son, Isaac, inherited his household. Isaac was 75 years old when Abraham passes away and his twin sons are 15 years old.

Abraham died at 175 years old and was buried by Isaac and Ishmael in the cave of Machpelah with Sarah. Sarah his wife has been gone now for 38 years. He was married to Keturah for over 30 years.

Verses 12-18

Ishmael, Abraham’s son with Hagar, fathered 12 sons who became 12 princes. He was 137 years old when he died.

Verses 19-28

Rebekah was barren and Isaac prayed for her. The Lord heard and she conceived twins.

Prayer precedes miracles!

The Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other, the older shall serve the younger.

The firstborn was named Esau and the second child was named, Jacob.

Isaac loved Esau and Rebekah loved Jacob. 

Verses 29-34

When Esau returned from hunting, he was starving and asked his brother for some stew that he was cooking. 

Jacob said Esau could have the stew if he sold him his birthright.

Esau agreed because he was starving so Jacob gave him the stew.

Instead of grateful for his birthright, Esau took it for granted. Esau traded a blessing for something of little value and grew to regret what he had done.

This is a promise from God to all of us:

Psalms 115:14-15 The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Ye are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth.

Are we grateful for all the blessings we have been given? Or do we take it for granted? Would you sell your bright future for a bowl of stew?

Do we live like we are blessed or do we look around and feel God is blessing other people instead? 

Have faith and trust in God that He has your best interest today and every day!