Thursday, February 15, 2024

Miracle Baby Deena: A Mother's Story

For with God, nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37

When I was three months pregnant with Deena, our world was turned upside down. My doctor delivered a devastating prognosis: a mysterious infection threatened to take our baby's life. Jimmy and I clung to each other, our tears mingling as we cried out to God. In the silence that followed, we faced an impossible decision. But we chose to trust in the unknown, to believe God's plan was greater than our understanding.

We walked the next six months in faith, shielding our hearts from the uncertainty. No nursery was prepared, no announcements of our situation were made. But God gifted us with an unexplainable peace, a sense that He was our rock, no matter the outcome.

The day of delivery arrived, and the doctor's words still lingered: "stillborn or severely deformed?" But when Deena burst into the world, she shattered all expectations. Perfect, beautiful, and whole. God had supernaturally protected her from the infection that had threatened to consume her.

As we celebrated her arrival, our family and friends rallied around us, showering us with love and gifts. And each year, on her birthday, we remember the miracle that defied the odds, a testament to God's goodness and grace. We walked through the darkest valley, but He was our constant companion, our guiding light. And we know that no matter what lies ahead, He will always be near.

Our daughter is a blessing, a treasure, and a joy - a gift from above!