Friday, May 10, 2024

Find Healing

 In pain things are developed within us that were not possible otherwise. We don't like to feel pain and believe that it is more a curse than a blessing. For me personally it drives me to channel it in a direction for me to heal. This blog started many years ago when my boss put it together for me and asked me to begin writing online because he thought I would be able to encourage others. It wasn't until several years later when I was going through some pain of my own that I found myself writing to encourage others who may have been struggling the same way.  

Writing became a way to take the burden and channel it to bring hope to others. I found that it kept me from holding on to anything and a way to release it more positively. Creativity for me is healing to my soul and eliminates my mind of clutter. There are so many negatives in our broken world and we have to continue to find ways to make our negatives into something more positive. 

Each time I write ~ I heal!
 This picture was taken when my brother and his son vacationed in Florida, May 22 2013.