Thursday, July 7, 2022

What To Do With My Life

I Peter 5:2a Shepherd the flock of God...

written October 19, 2007:
Time is fleeting. Time is short. How are we supposed to use our time? I like how Barbara Johnson put it, don't let your life speed out of control. Live intentionally. Do something today that will last beyond your lifetime. I don't know about you, but I want to do more than survive life. It's not enough to just flap my wings a little before I hit the ground and get plowed under. I want to mount up like the eagle and glide over rocky mountains, nest in the tallest trees, dive for nourishment in the deepest of mountain lakes, and soar on the wings of the wind.

Serving God is a life long adventure as you watch how God puts together not only the pieces of the work He has for you but also the pieces of your life. I am amazed at how God pours ideas and resources from places that we would not expect. No one can keep up with what God has but it is fun to try. I love to watch Him work in the most frustrating and impossible situations. Are we satisfied with our life, or do we find ourselves longing for something different? Let's seek what God has for us today! Pray expecting God to show up....

This picture was taken in my living room. The amaryllis were from my flower garden.