Thursday, September 14, 2023

Genesis Chapter 14


Genesis 14

This chapter happened sometime between 1921-1896 BC. There is a war that took place and Lot was taken as a prisoner.

Verses 1-16

Four kings of the area fought against 5 kings who had rebelled against Chedorlaomer who they had served for 12 years.

The kings of Sodom and Gomorrah lost and their cities were taken captive by their enemies.

In chapter 13 verse 12, Lot had pitched his tent and was living facing Sodom but in this chapter Lot is now living in Sodom. Lot is a believer but making terrible decisions for himself and his family. 

Vs 13 of chapter 14 is the first time the word Hebrew is mentioned.

When Abram heard his nephew was taken prisoner he rallied 318 trained men from his household to rescue Lot. Abram was living in peace, but was prepared for war.

Vs 15 shows that Abram, The Father of Faith who is 85 years old now goes to war using strategy by dividing his forces and attacking by night.

He defeated them and brought Lot, and the women and all the people and possessions back to Canaan.

Verses 17-24 

The king of Sodom (Bera) and king of Salem (Melchizedek) met Abram when he returned from his victory or slaughter.

The name Bera means Son of Evil. The name King of Salem (Melchizedek) means the King of peace.

Melchizedek according to vs. 18 is a King and a priest to God. He blessed Abram and Abram gave him a tenth of all he possessed.

Melchizedek some believe was Jesus showing up in the Old Testament and others believe he was a picture of Jesus.

To be King and priest was not customary and there would be another in the New Testament who was King and priest: Jesus

Vs 18 the bread and wine would have been communion.

Vs 19 He blessed Abram and gave God the glory for deliverance from the enemies of that war. 

Vs 21 The King of Sodom represents satan. In vs 21 he said to Abram bring the people to me and keep the spoils for yourself. He wanted the people’s souls hoping Abram would be more interested in the “stuff” he could obtain.

Abram refused the spoils of war from the King of Sodom because he didn’t want it to be said that the King of Sodom made him rich. 

How often are we more focused on the “stuff” of life than the souls of men?

Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.