Thursday, September 14, 2023

Genesis Chapter 15


Genesis 15

This chapter is about God appearing to Abram in a vision. The story of Abram is important because he is called the Father of all who believe in Romans 4:16. He is an example to us of what growing in our faith looks like.

Verses 1-7

He is an example to us of what growing in our faith looks like. This is the first time God says, fear not (Abram had just gone to war and there was probably the thought of retaliation from those he defeated). I am thy shield is the promise of protection.

 Vs 2-3 In this vision God promises to make Abram a great nation. Abram was baffled with this promise because he and Sarai didn’t have any children. Abram thinks this is impossible. Abram spoke the circumstances not the promise which is what we do in life.

God told him not to worry because his descendants would be equal to the number of stars in the heaven. 

Abram believed the Lord. *being right with God doesn’t activate the promise. - Abram had the promise for 24 years and still nothing happened.

Verses 8-21

Abram asked God how he could be sure his children would inherit the land of Canaan.

God told him to take a heifer, a female goat, a ram, a turtle dove, and a pigeon and cut them in half, except for the pigeon.

Abram did and that night God caused him to fall asleep and experience a “dreadful and great darkness.”

Abraham was told his offspring would be strangers in another land that did not belong to them and they would suffer there 400 years.

After 400 years they would leave with great possessions.

God was going to delay the inheritance of Canaan for 400+ years because the Amorites who lived there were not yet wicked enough to cast out.

God caused a fire pot and a flaming torch to pass through the divided animals.

He made a covenant with Abram to give his children the land from the River of Egypt to the great River. (Euphrates)

Let’s not speak our circumstances but instead let’s speak God’s promises. Just like Abram we have God’s Word that gives us hope for not just a future but for a great future. Our future looks just as bright and just as big. Greater than the stars in the sky. Look up in the sky and when you see all the stars shine above let it be a reminder of the promises of God. It only takes one scripture to overcome the enemy in our life. That is why reading and understanding of God’s Word can change our circumstances completely. God gave us the tools for life in this book and it is up to us what we do with this wonderful gift called the Bible.