Monday, March 18, 2024

Genesis 2 Marriage

This chapter discusses:
God - our creator
Adam - the man God created from dust of the ground
Eve - made from a rib taken from man

Verses 1-3: Day 7 - God rested and made the 7th day holy

Verses 4-7: How God created man

Verses 8-17: The Garden of Eden - two trees (tree of life & tree of knowledge)

The location of the garden by naming of the rivers: the rivers Piston, Gironde, Tigris & Euphrates. Two rivers still exist in ancient Mesopotamia which is now known as Iraq.

Verses 18-25: Up to this point God names everything but now has man naming the animals. God made woman for companionship. Man & woman were naked and not ashamed. 

God created the union between man and woman in this chapter. I believe marriage was designed in this chapter by God. It is not a man-made institution but instead designed by God.