Sunday, March 17, 2024

Genesis Chapter 32


In this chapter Jacob is returning home to see his own family. He will face his brother Esau who he hadn’t seen in 20 years and at that time wanted to kill him for his deception

Verses 1-21

After making a treaty of peace with Laban, Jacob now plans to return home to Canaan and face his brother Esau.

In verses 1 & 2 God gives Jacob a glimpse of the spiritual realm of angels that are there for protection.

Remember he left on bad terms after deceiving his father and taking his birthright and blessing from his twin brother Esau.

He was afraid how Esau might respond to his return.

Jacob sent Esau a message and Esau came with 400 men. Jacob was afraid that they would be attacked so he split his family in two directions so that one group may survive.

Vs 7 Although Jacob has God’s promise and has seen God’s protection he responds in fear. (How many times have we done the same thing?)

In verse 10 he prays with humility saying I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies.

Jacob prayed thankfulness for how God had taken care of him in his life but also prayed for protection during this encounter with his brother, Esau.

(This is the longest prayer recorded in the book of Genesis)

Jacob sent gifts ahead to his brother and told his servants to refer to him as the servant of Esau. He humbled himself because he wanted reconciliation.

Verses 22-32

Jacob sent his family ahead of him to be alone.

He wrestled a man being God all night and Jacobs hip socket was put out of joint when the man touched his hip and now he walked with a limp.

Jacob thought he was winning and demanded a blessing from this man.

The man blessed him by changing his name to Israel.

Israel means “Ruled by God.”

Because God changed Jacobs name to Israel his future descendants became the Israelite nation we read about in the scriptures ahead.

In this world the idea of reconciling with people is not something that the world talks about but God wants us to be reconciled to one another and love each other and not be bitter. The worlds view is to write people off but the most important thing in this life is relationships. 

Let forgiveness take over our hearts and see what God does with restoring not just the relationships but restoring our hearts in the process.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called the sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

Jacob and Esau had a rough beginning. Jacob set out to reconcile with his brother.

God was preparing Jacob for what He had prepared for him!


God is preparing us for what He has prepared for us!